Building WordPress websites

Does your company has no website yet or do you want a blog or a portfolio on the internet? Grondelle IT builds a website for you in a ‘WordPress environment’, so that you can easily add messages and pages to your website later on.

Video editing

Have you made beautiful drone images or do you have videos of your holiday that you want to merge? Grondelle IT processes the video images for you and compiles the perfect video for you.

Software installation and advice

Do you want to use Microsoft Office or do you want to know which virus scanner you can use best? Grondelle IT gladly advises you on the software that suits you best and also helps you with the installation of the software.

Computer recovery and repair

Do you have a Windows computer that is very slow, that boots up slowly or that has spyware or viruses on it? Grondelle IT helps you to speed up and / or restore your computer, always making backups so that your data stays safe.

Cloud installation

Do you want to save your data online or do you want to ‘work in the Cloud’? Grondelle IT helps you set up your own Cloud environment (for example, OneDrive, Dropbox or iCloud) and also offers support and explanation when using applications in the cloud.

Distance Support

Did Grondelle IT visit you, but do you have something small in retrospect that you still want to have set up on your computer? Grondelle IT offers remote assistance via Teamviewer whenever you want.

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Grondelle IT offers you or your company support with computer repair, designing WordPress websites, editing your video material, working in the Cloud and with the purchase and installation of software and hardware. As a one-man business, Grondelle IT offers a very low price compared to professional help and seven days a week accessibility via e-mail, Facebook and telephone.

Only 20 euros an hour

Professional support for a low price

Earlier work of Grondelle IT

Website All Suriname Tours

Grondelle IT designed a completely new website for tour company All Suriname Tours and also helped with the renewal of the Social Media channels.

Promotion Video for All Suriname Tours

With more than 170,000 views, 3000 shares, 1800 likes and a reach of more than 550,000 Facebook users, this video provided more than 1000 extra likes for All Suriname Tours.

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